Misdirected Magic

The official Misdirected Magic webpage. This site is currently featuring a webcomic version of the first chapter of Girl vs Ghost.

Fairy Tale Twisted: The Fox & The Firebird

In addition to the webcomic version of the Girl vs Ghost first chapter, Marie August writes and illustrates a fairy-tale-based webcomic called The Fox & the Firebird. She posts a new page every Thursday.

Kate McMurry and Marie August's Blog

The official blog for Kate McMurry and Marie August.

Kate McMurry

Website for Kate McMurry, my co-author for the Misdirected Magic trilogy.

Johnny Cartoons

Website for John Clisset. John and I are artistic partners. I contribute to a lot of his work, and he contributes to a lot of mine. This site primarily focuses on his profession as a caricature artist.

Blazing Star Press

Blazing Star Press is the publisher that Kate McMurry and I are going through to publish our novels.